Our monthly round of up of Anxiety links and posts

Take a look - some funny, some sad.

1. People With Anxiety Disorders are Hiding These 5 Superpowers (Backed by Science)


From AwarenessAct": "If you have anxiety try looking at the good aspects rather than the bad. With anxiety comes a heightened sense of perception. Do you have these superpowers?"

2. What Anxiety Actually Is, Because It’s More Than ‘Just Worrying’


From Open Mind: "Anxiety is the restless nights of sleep, as you toss and turn. It's your brain never being able to shut off. It's the thoughts you over-think before bedtime and all of your worst fears become a reality in dreams and nightmares..."

3. Scientists Find a Link Between Higher IQ and Anxiety Disorder


From Scooplify: "A scientist and his team have recently discovered an interesting quality about the people who have anxiety..."

4. This Test Will Reveal Your Anxiety Level


From APost: "You don't really know your true anxiety level until you take this test, which will analyze your subconscious. Time to find out now!..."


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